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Order Problems

Have you experienced a problem with your order? This page contains the answers you need to get it quickly resolved. If you still have questions after reading this page, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What should I do if I received a damaged package?

Whilst it is extremely rare that our world class couriers would deliver a package that is damaged, however mistakes can happen. And when they do, we’ll take care of you. Just contact our customer service experts and we will resend you another package immediately - free of cost!

Please remember to still keep the original package that you received damaged. We will send the designated courier back to your location to retrieve the damaged package (again, free of cost) and return it back to our warehouse so that we can send you a new one. 

What should I do if I received an incorrect order?

Oh no! Don’t worry; we will take care of you. With every package we ship we include an invoice and packing list containing a summary of your order and the contents of your package. Check the invoice to make sure you actually ordered the products you intended to order. Once you confirm that the invoice does not match the contents of the box, please contact us and let us know!

We have an extensive inventory computer system with a series of checks and balances and barcode scanning systems, but at the end of the day, human errors can still occur. Mistakes are rare, but when they do happen we’ll make sure to quickly ship out the products you’re missing immediately! This is of absolutely no charge to you, of course. 

Why is my Order Status still showing as pending after 2 days?

Our warehouse processes orders Monday through Friday up until 12 PM GMT. Keep in mind, if you placed an order at 2 PM on a Friday, it will not be processed until that following Monday.

With that being said, if your order has been pending for processing for more than 2 days and your order was not placed before the weekend or a holiday, please contact us. Whilst we make every attempt to contact a customer to notify them as to why their order is delayed, sometimes we are unable to get in touch.

A few reasons an order may be delayed:

  • Further information is needed – Sometimes, a customer provides a shipping address that is incorrect (usually due to a typo) and we need the correct street address, city, etc.
  • Security reasons – When a customer provides a billing address that does not match the card provided at checkout, we like to contact them and simply find out why that might be the case.
  • Out of stock - A customer should only be able to purchase items physically located in our warehouse. In extremely rare occasions our warehouse inventory may be incorrect due to a variety of reasons, most commonly a box or pallet that was incorrectly labeled. While these instances are extremely rare, they do happen and when they do we let the customer know.

Please note: a very small percentage (we'll say under 0.5%) of our orders are sometimes delayed. But rest assured, if yours does, you will be contacted asap to quickly resolve the issue and get you your supplements! 

What should I do if I placed an incorrect order or changed my mind just after placing the order?

Please contact us immediately as we process orders very quickly, sometimes within minutes of them being received, and cannot guarantee that we will be able to cancel your order once it is processed. Your best chance of cancelling an order is by immediately shooting us an email and notifying us of your desire to do so.