Evogen Amino K.E.M. 30 Servings


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Evogen Amino K.E.M. 30 Servings
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When it comes to high quality amino acids, Evogen Nutrition has always set the standard for ultra-clean and pure sources. This amazing tasting formula is packed with a full spectrum of properly dosed EAA's and BCAA's to accelerate recovery & muscle growth.

However, what's unique to this EAA formula unlike many others is that it is also designed to maximize nitric oxide release and blood flow. In order to open up a "super-highway" for amino acids to enter your hard-working muscles, vasodilation must be optimized. For this reason, 19x Olympia winning coach and Evogen CEO Hany "The Pro Creator" Rambod included a potent yet natural S7 phytoblend which is clinically proven to increase NO2 levels by 230%.

ALL 9 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS- Essential amino acids are the key to unlocking the power of hypertrophy (muscle growth). What helps bolsters Evogen's EAA matrix is the fact it contains adequate dosages of BCAA's as well as all nine EAA's including tryptophan. Unfortunately, tryptophan is missing from many EAA products causing them to be incomplete. Without a complete EAA spectrum, an EAA product cannot be fully effective at maximizing muscle growth and recovery. Evogen's Amino K.E.Mcovers all these crucial formulation details to maximize your gains.

S7 NITRIX OXIDE BLEND (GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT, GREEN TEA EXTRACT, TURMERIC EXTRACT, TART CHERRY, BLUEBERRY, BROCCOLI, KALE)- S7is a low dose blend of seven (7) plant-based ingredients that has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) by 230%. Your body already produces nitric oxide which acts as a vasodilator, signaling the blood vessels to relax, thus increasing blood flow. S7 aids an athlete like yourself by delivering more oxygen, more fuel, and other key nutrients to your exercising muscles during workouts by increasing nitric oxide.

BETAINE ANHYDROUS- This naturally sourced sugar beet derivative, has strong clinical backing in athletes when it comes to increasing power output. It does so by supporting your body's own creatine production which has a direct effect on increasing performance such as reps to failure, total work performed, etc. Betaine Anhydrous is essential to Amino K.E.M.for various reasons including to help optimize water balance in working muscles in conjunction with the powerful electrolyte blend included in this formulation.


  • As a dietary supplement mix 1 level scoop with 12-16 oz. of cold water.
  • Can be consumed before training, between meals, while training, and post workout to boost your muscle repair and recovery.

Suitability / Allergen Information

  • Manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts, wheat & eggs.
  • Contains Tree Nut(Coconut)


  • Ultra-pure fermented vegan sourced BCAA's and glutamine
  • Contains 11 grams of high quality amino acids
  • Stimulates rapid recovery and reduces catabolism
  • Maximum Repair, Endurance and Recovery

Serving Information (based on Sour Watermelon Flavour)

  • Container Size: 471 g
  • Serving Size: 15.72 g
  • Servings Per Container: 30