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USN Amino Pro Nano Stack 120 Tablets

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USN Amino Pro Nano Stack 120 Tablets

Amino acids are the chemical units or building blocks that make up proteins. Protein provides the structure for all living things. Next to water, protein makes up the greatest portion of our body weight. Proteins make up the muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, glands, nails, hair and are essential for bone growth. Enzymes and hormones that catalyze and regulate all bodily processes are protein.



Take 5 caplets with water approximately 45 minutes before your workout. A second serving may be taken before bedtime for athletes training at high intensity for over 10 hours per week




  • Container Size: 120 tablets

  • Serving Size: 5 tablets
  • Servings Per Container: 24
  • Amount Per Serving

    Vitamin B6250 mcg

  • Vitmain B35mg

Growth Factor Amino Acid Complex: 2500mg
(Arginine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Thresonline, Valine)

Amino Pro BCAA Complex:
Isoleucine: 1700mg
Leucine: 3500mg
Valine: 1805mg