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TNT Instant Coffee HIIT 120 G

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TNT Instant Coffee HIIT – High Intensity Incredible Taste!

TNT HIIT Coffee is a unique blend of carefully selected beans that are enriched with Guarana. It’s then deep roasted for it’s rich, smooth texture and incredible taste.

TNT INSTANT COFFEE HIIT is the ONLY coffee that contains our trademarked VitaFive and is PROVEN to promote energy yielding metabolism, contribute to mental performance, reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Just add one scoop (included) for a measured and consistent 157mg dose of caffeine that will have you feeling naturally wide awake in no time.

TNT HIIT Coffee is ideal as a pre-workout ‘pick me up’ or to simply get you ready for an explosive morning. The revitalising taste is so warming that many people have replaced their favourite household coffee brand with TNT INSTANT COFFEE HIIT!



Use one 3g scoop (included) to approximately 200ml of hot, not boiling, water.

TNT Instant HIIT Coffee can be consumed 30 minutes prior to a work out for an energy boost, or can be consumed throughout the day as an alternative to your current coffee brand.



Serving size: One 3g scoop

Servings per pack: 40

Per Serving

  • TNT Instant Coffee Powder 2.95g
  • Guarana (22% Caffeine) 45mg
  • VitaFive&reg 2mg
  • -B5 Pantothenic Acid 1500µg
  • -B6 Pyridoxine 400µg
  • -B1 Thiamine 0.3µg
  • -B7 Biotin 75µg
  • -B12 Cobalamin 62.5µg
  • Average Caffeine Content 157.5mg